Stay tuned for Gail Baker’s upcoming memoir, From Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers; How a not-so Kosher Jewish Girl Fell in Love with Jesus. Exploring faith, identity and the elusive desire for fellowship, it will resonate with readers of all backgrounds. For a sneak preview, enter your email and download the first



A personal memoir of a Jewish woman’s search for spiritual solace in Christianity. A beautifully written and provocative account of a woman’s spiritual journey.

About Gail Baker:


The day I told my Dad that I had embraced Christianity, he said, “At least if you were younger, I could put you over my knee and punish you.” At thirty-seven, I had insulted my Jewish family and every generation preceding them. Living in close proximity, I guarded my privacy for fifteen years. Today, after thirty years of belief, I have successfully integrated a profound Christian resolve into my personal identity and resumed a peripheral involvement in Jewish life.


Reflecting on my evolving pattern of dissonance and renegotiation, I have crafted a memoir. From Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers recounts my spiritual coming of age against the backdrop of a loving, albeit, quirky family–their secular Judaism defined in opposition to Bible Belt culture.


Not relating to the conservative mindset of such groups as the Christian Coalition or Messianic Judaism, I came to see myself as “a congregation of one.” Forging a moderate path in theology, I discerned that devout faith can cohere with a nuanced interpretation of Scripture.


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