Spiritual Growth-level two

Spiritual Growth-level two

I could see the difference between two worldviews. The Hebrew mindset assumes God’s existence from the existential fact of being in a relationship with Him. Greek thought, on the other hand–the foundation of Western philosophy–seeks to prove God through logic and reasoned analysis.

Martin Buber wrote, “Jews talk to God rather than about him.” Except for the mystical thought in Kabbalah (Jewish mystical thought), Jewish theology cares nothing about the nature of God or creation. Though the Jewish scholars, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Franz Rosensweig, and Martin Buber, had advanced degrees in philosophy, I found their works took God’s existence for granted. My skepticism, at the time, required the logical approach of the Greeks.

I read in the field of natural theology, the branch of philosophy examining the world for empirical evidence for God. I focused on the cosmological origins of the universe, the moral law, the philosophy behind miracles, and the argument from desire (see research on website acongregationofone.com)

Though mine was the slow, prodding quest of a skeptic, I found that atheism, far from being unintelligent, simply left too many unanswered questions. Approximately a year into my study, I found my mind in a radically different place. When I began to doubt my very doubts, I became less resistant to a supernatural reality. Though far from understanding how God’s love mysteriously enabled hope, I reasoned that my intense longing for Him signaled the best evidence for His existence.

When I accessed intuitive truths alongside the provable scientific ones, my personality shifted to a new center. My heart, mind, and soul coalesced as I started praying to the personal God of the Bible. I had come full circle and could see the difference between a mere theory about God and a personal relationship with Him.

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